Firs, last name:
Rusudan Khargelia

Date of birth:

LEPL Alexandre Janelidze Institute of Geology, Department of Physicochemical researches of the Environment, Scientist
Scientific (academic) Degree:
PhD in chemistry

Contact information:
Address: 1/9, M. Alexidze str., Tbilisi, Georgia 
phone - (995 32) 236 52 56 (office), (995 32) 239 73 01 (home), (995) 99 17 77 74 (mobile).
FAX    (99532) 233 32 68

1985-1990. I Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Hydrochemistry.

Professional qualification:
Ph.D. thesis: October 27, 2007. "Hydrochemical and Ecological Investigation of Borjomi Mineral Water Deposit"

Scientific work Experience:
1991-2002  Chemical-engineer. Dept. of Physicochemical Researches, A. Janelidze Institute of Geology.
2002-2005  Junior scientist, Dept. of Physicochemical Researches, A. Janelidze Institute of Geology.
2005-2009  Scientist, Dept. of Physicochemical Researches, A. Janelidze Institute of Geology.
2009-present Scientist, Dept. of Physicochemical Researches of the Environment, Alexandre Janelidze Institute of Geology

Sphere of interests:
Underground waters of Georgia, hydrochemistry, hydro-geochemistry, bottled waters produced in Georgia, technologies, research methods.

Number of publications 17.
List of publications:

Gvakharia V.G., , Khargelia R.G., Gabechava J.Sh., Ctamateli M.Y., Adamia T.M., Dochviri A.A., Kadagishvili N.D. (2004). Regarding the Creation of Georgian National Standard for Bottled Mineral Water. Pitievaia Voda, No4, pp. 16-20.

J. Gabechava, V. Gvakharia, I.  Lominadze, B. Migineishvili, R. Khargelia, M. Tkebuchava, S. Bobokhidze, M. Beridze, (2005). Borjomi Mineral Water Deposit Paleohydrogeology. Georgian Oil and Gas, № 15, pp. 52-56

J. Gabechava, V. Gvakharia, I.  Lominadze, B. Migineishvili, S. Bobokhidze, M. Tkebuchava, M. Beridze, R. Khargelia (2005). Results of Borjomi Mineral Water Deposit Isotopic Content Survey. Georgian Oil and Gas, № 14, pp. 55-62

Gvakharia V.G., Gabechava J.Sh., Khargelia, Adamia T.M. Dochviri A.A., Machavariani B.K. (2005). Mineral Waters of Georgia. Pitievaia voda.  No 3, pp. 17-26.

Khargelia R.G, Gvakharia V.G., Gabechava J.Sh, Girgvliani D. A. (2005). Alkaline-earth Metals in Borjomi Mineral Water. Georgian Engineering News, No2 pp. 159-162  

V. Gvakharia, R.Khargelia, J. Gabechava, D. Girgvliani. Hydro-chemical Investigation of Borjomi Mineral Water Deposit, Distribution of Main Metal Ions Through Different Districts of Deposit. Georgian Chemical Journal, No 6(4), pp. 386-391.

Gvakharia V.G., Khargelia R.G, Gabechava J.Sh, Girgvliani D. A., Machavariani B.K. (2006). Investigation of Georgian Mineral Waters. Georgian Engineering News, No 2, pp. 263-269.

Participation in international scientific forums (not more than 10):
VI International congress "Water Ecology and Technology ECWATECH-2006".Moscow, Russia.

Participation in Scientific Grant Projects (not more than 10):
1. 2003. Elaboration of Sustainable Development Model on the River. Aragvi Basin Region.    Horizon Foundation. 
2. 2001-2004. Programme of Protecting Measures of Ecological Pollution of Samegrelo Region Rivers IDA GEF World Bank Contract No IDCDP/C/QSBS/5-2003. (the Black Sea Basin).
3. 2005-2006. Creation of National Standard "Natural Mineral Bottled Water". EURASIA Foundation.
4. 2008-2009. - GNSF/STO7/5-206 "Study of geochemistry of the Georgian Sector of the Black Sea and Dynamics of Accumulation of Pollutants". Georgia National Scientific Foundation
5. 2007-2009. Project UNTC-P-322. Regional evaluation of mining-related metals contamination, risks, and innovative remediation technologies in Ukraine and Georgia

Scientific activities:
2009 - St. Andrew The First-Called Georgian University of the Patriarchy of Georgia, Master's course  "Hydrochemistry, water quality research methods".