Firs, last name:
Vakhtang Gvakharia

Date of birth:

LEPL Alexandre Janelidze Institute of Geology, Head of the Department of Phisicochemical Analysis of the Environment

Scientific (academic) degree:
PhD, chemistry, member of Ecological Academy of Georgia

Contact information: 
Address: 1/9, M. Alexidze str., Tbilisi, Georgia
Phone : (995 32 )  233 02 74 (office), (995 32)  229 20 31 (home);:599 50 44 33 (Mobile).
FAX    (995 32) 233 02 74

1. 1958-1963 - I. Javakhisvili Tbilisi State University, Physical Chemistry.
2. 1963-1968 - Moscow State University,  Post-graduated, Physical Chemistry.

Professional qualification:
1970 - PhD. thesis:  "Investigation of the Nature of OHn Groups in Zeolites"
Since 1976 has been working at Al. Janelidze Geological Institute of Georgian Academy of Sciences
Since 1981 is a leading scientist

Work Experience:
1975-2009 - Head of the Department of Physicochemical Analyses, Institute of Geology
2009-present - Head of the Department of Phisicochemical Analysis of the Environment, Alexandre Janelidze Institute of Geology

Field of Interests:
Instrumental methods of the analyses; environmental researches; ecology; ecological risk assessment; ecology and geochemistry of the Black Sea; Underground waters of Georgia;

Number of publications -  80
List of publications (Last 10 years):

Gvakharia V., Samarguliani G., Machitadze N. (1997). Influence of Anthropogenic Factors on the Distribution of Heavy Metals in Waters and Soils of Bolnisi Region. // Bulletin of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, 156, № 1, 81-85.

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V. Gvakharia, N. Machitadze, M. Stamateli, N. Gelashvili, N. Benashvili, Ts. Khukhunia, L. Khomeriki (2009). Bottom Sediments in the Downstream Sections of the Black Sea Basin Rivers of Georgia//Information and Innovation  (in print)

Papashvili I., Kavlashvili G., Lebanidze B., Gvakharia V. (2009).  Southern part of the Black Sea Coastal Area (Supsa-Enguri River Mouth) - Main Description of Modern Development. //Bulletin of St. Andrew The First-Called Georgian University of the Patriarchy of Georgia// No.1, pp. 157-162 (geo, eng)

Gvakharia V., Machitadze N., Gelashvili N., N. Benashvili (2009).  Hydrochemical investigation of the Black Sea Rivers Downstream in Georgian Sector. //Bulletin of St. Andrew the First-Called Georgian University of the Patriarchy of Georgia, No1, pp. 143-149 (geo, eng)

Participation in international scientific forums ((Last 10 years):

1. 2000 -  The Second West Ukrainian Symposium on Adsorption Chromatography,  "Use of Chromatography in Ecological Audit of Water Areas and Neighbouring Territories of the Black Sea Coast of Georgia" Lvov, Ukraine
2.  2002 - 5th International Congress "Water: Ecology and Technology" ECWATECH 2002  "Heavy Metal Content in Sea Bottom Sediments within the Coastal Area of the Georgian Sector of the Black sea" Moscow, Russia.
3. 2002 - 10th OCSE Economic forum on "The Cooperation for the Sustainable Use and Protection of Quality of Water in the Context of OCSE" "Participation of Georgia in Kura-Arax Ecological Status Study". Baku, Azerbaijan
4. 2002 - OCSE Economic forum on " The Cooperation for the Sustainable Use and Protection of Quality of Water in the Context of OCSE","Willingness of Georgian Team for Realization of Kura-Arax Monitoring Programme" Prague, Czech Republic
5. 2002 - Eco-International workshop "Ecological Risk Assessment of the Environment of the Caucasus" "Ecotoxicological Status of Soils of Georgia" .Yerevan, Armenia
6. 2004 - International Conference UNDP "Hot Spots - Old ecological damages and    Survey of Conditions of Hot Spots existing in Georgian territory. Polsen, Czech Republic
7.2004 - "Water Ecology and Technology ECWATECH-2004" . "Study of Pollution with Petroleum Hydrocarbons within the Georgian Section of the Back Sea Water area".    Moscow, Russia
8. 2005 - International Congress "Natural Mineral Waters". "Mineral Waters of Georgia" Paris, France
9. 2006 -1st Biannual Congress of BSC "Black Sea Ecosystem in 2005 and Further". "Ecology of Bottom Sediments of the Black Sea Georgian Sector". Istanbul Turkey

Participation in Scientific Projects:

1. 1997-2000. 4.11.00. Man and Environment in Anthropogenesis. Grant of Georgian Academy of Sciences (Institute of Geology) N 4.11. 00.
2. 2001-2004. G-369. Elaboration of soil bioremediation methods of soils contaminated with heavy metals and organic toxicants on the territories of military proving grounds in Georgia. МНТС International Scientific Technical Centre.
3. 2003. Elaboration of Sustainable Development Model on r. Aragvi Basin Region. Horizon Foundation
4. 2002-2003. Georgia's Palaeography in a Quarter. Grant of Georgian Academy of Sciences (Institute of Geology) N4.12.02.
5. 2001-2004. Programme of protecting measures of ecological pollution of Samegrelo Region rivers IDA GEF World Bank Contract No IDCDP/C/QSBS/5-2003. (Black Sea basin).
6. 2002-2004. Complex processing of barite - gold and cooper-zinc ores of Madneuli. Grant of Georgian Academy of Sciences.
7. 2005. Processing of gold containing barite - polymetallic ores of Madneuli. Grant of Georgian Academy of Sciences.
8. 2005-2006. Creation of National Standard "Natural Mineral Bottled Water". EURASIA Foundation.
9. 2008-2009. - GNSF/STO7/5-206 "Study of geochemistry of the Georgian sector of the  Black Sea and dynamics of accumulation of pollutants". Georgia National Scientific Foundation
10. 2007-2009. Project UNTC-P-322. Regional evaluation of mining-related metals contamination, risks, and innovative remediation technologies in Ukraine and Georgia.
11. 2009-2011. -  FP7-Up-grade Black Sea Scientific Network.  CORDIS FP7-infrastructures-2008-1

Scientific activities:
Member of Georgian Ecological Academy.

From 1975 - Tbilisi State University - different courses of physical chemistry and structure of matter.
From 2009 -St. Andrew the first-called Georgian University of the Patriarchy of Georgia - General ecology, Environmental chemistry (course of Masters).