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     Head of Earth's sciences department of  Georgian National Academy of sciences, head of department of tectonics, regional geology and  seismotectonics of A. Janelidze Institute of  geology

Academic degree, status:

Dr.,Professor, Academician
  Correspondence language:

English, German, Russian


  Addresses: M. Alexize str.1/9 0193, A. Janelidze Institute of geology,
                     Rustaveli str. 0108, Georgian National Academy of sciences
   Place: Tbilisi
   Country:  Georgia
  Communication:  Direct line:   +(995 32) 299 64 45, +(99532) 2330075
                                 Fax office:    +(995 32) 233 06 47
                                 Home tel. number:  +(995 32) 222 32 94

  Education: 1951-1956 Georgian Technical University, Engineer-geologist

   Professional qualification:  Candidate's degree (1963)  "The Structure of Racha-Lechxumi
                                              Doctor's degree (1974) "Mechanizm of formation of tectonic
                                              structures and some general problems of tectogenesis".

   Professional experience:  1957-1958 - laboratory assistant of geology and paleontology
                                           department of the Tbilisi State University
                                           1958-1961 - post-graduate student of the Geological  Institute of the
                                           Georgian Academy of sciences
                                           1961-1966 -  junior scientific researcher of  the Institute
                                           1966-1975 - senior scientific researcher  of the Institute
                                           Since 1975 head of the Department of the Tectonics, Regional geology
                                           and seismotectonics of A. Janelidze Geological Institute
                                           Since 1988 - head of Earth"s sciences department of Georgian NAS
                                           1967-1968 - Irakli Gamkr elidze was raising his qualification in tectonics 
                                           in Hannover, Munich and Claustall - Zellerfeld (German Federal

  Sphere of scientific interests:
                                           regional geology and geotectonics, structural geology,  mechanizm of
                                          tectonic structure formation, morphologic- kinematical features and genesis
                                          of tectonic nappes, geodynamic evolution of the Mediterranean mobile belt
                                         and seismotectonics, horizontal tectonic layering of the lithosphere,
                                          geodynamic conditions of magmatic and metamorphism processes.
  Number of publications: ower 200 works including 10 monographs.

  Citation index: according to ISI (12/24/2004) and (6/19/2011) compared data – 380; other (direct) citation data – 545; in all - 925

  Selected works:

1. Gamkrelidze I.P. (1969). Structure and development of the southern slope of the Greather Caucasus and Georgian block // Geotectonics, N4, pp. 72-84.
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40. Gamkrelidze I.P. (2009). Tectonic map of Georgia (digital version). Tbilisi. (Co-authors: M. Pruidze, M. Gamkrelidze, M. Loladze).

   Participation in scientific forums (during last 10 years):

b.    31-th International Geological Congress. Rio de Janeiro (Brazile), 2000
c.    32-th International Geological Congress. Florence, 2004
d.    International symposium of the Mediterranean belt, Istambul, 2005
e.    33-th International Geological Congress. Oslo, . 2008

  Participation  in scientific projects (during 10years):

    NATO LYNCAGE(1996-1997), INTAS (Open call(2002-2006), ISTC (#A-1418, 2007-2011),    
    ISTC (G-15321, 2009-2011), SCOPES Project (2010-2012)
             Grants of the Georgian Academy of  Sciences (1997-1999)
             Grants of the Georgian National fund (GNSF//06/5-037,2006-2009)

   Scientific activity:
             In 1970-1996 I. Gamkrelidze has been engaged in pedagogical activities
     at the Georgian Technical University, where covered a path from senior teacher (1970) to the 
     professor of chair (1979).
             In 1976-1990,   I. Gamkrelidze was a leader of working group of the Multilateral  
cooperation of the academies of sciences of the former socialist countries. In that period he conducted geological investigations on the territories of Bulgaria, Poland, GDR, Hungary, Rumania and Czechoslovakia.
             In 1979 and 1990 he was an organizer of the international Conferenses in Tbilisi and a guide of geological excursion on the territory of Georgia.
             In 1976-2008 I. Gamkrelidze was delivering lectures at the universities and scientific institutions of Munich, Warsaw, Bratislava, Sophia, Bucharest, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Paris, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Rome, Fribourg, Moscow and other cities of former Soviet Union.
    Since 1996 I. Gamkrelidze is a President of the Georgian Geological Society and Chairman of the National Cammitee of  Georgian geologists. At the same time he is a member of the international Association of Planetology, of interdepartment Tectonic Committee of Russia, of the Commision of international Geological map, of Principal Scientific Council of Georgian Encyklopedia, of Editorial Board of A. Janelidze istitute of geology. He  is Janelidze(1986) and Tvalchrelidze(2008) prizes laureate of Georgian Academy of Sciences.